Take the Wall Street Journal's Phone Hacking Survey

The Journal is asking readers about the impact of the News Corp. scandal

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The New York Times, archenemy of all thing News Corp., is reporting today that The Wall Street Journal is sending its subscribers a survey gauging what impact the UK phone hacking scandal at the now-shuttered News of the World is having on its U.S. counterpart. According to The Times' Media Decoder blog, the questionnaire first asked if readers were aware of the hacking scandal and of the corporate connections between the British and American newspapers. It went on to ask how much should corporate heads be held responsible for their company's actions and if The Journal has improved under Rupert Murdoch's tenure.

The questions are interesting but we imagine The Journal won't be releasing their results. So we've done our best to reconstruct the survey below and ask the highly unscientific sample that Atlantic Wire readers constitute their thoughts on the hacking scandal's impact on The Journal. We aren't offering a free iPad for participating like The Journal but we will share the results with you later today.

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