'Rent Is Too Damn High' Guy Fighting Eviction

Jimmy McMillan's landlord is trying to boot him from his rent-controlled apartment

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Jimmy McMillan, the man who made last year's New York governor's debate entertaining with a "Rent Is Too Damn High" refrain, now has another calling: a court battle to make sure he isn't evicted from his apartment. As The New York Post reports, McMillan lives in a rent-controlled apartment that costs $872 a month. But, he says "his landlords are giving him the boot so they can pull in way more dough." His building owner, according to the Post, claims in court documents that "McMillan has violated his lease because he doesn't really live in the East Village apartment -- he actually lives in Brooklyn." The court battle, which doesn't seem to be resolved anytime soon, is another distraction as McMillan wages his quixotic presidential bid on the aforementioned "Rent" platform.

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