A Rally Corporate Jet Owners Can Call Their Own

The makers of corporate jets rally in Iowa in response to Obama's "negative rhetoric"

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Corporate jet owners have been smarting ever since Obama mentioned them in a late June press conference for having unnecessary tax breaks. But the makers of corporate jets won't let the injustice go away quietly: today they've organized an Iowa rally intended to show off the job-creating value of the industry. Via Politico's Ben Smith, the Associated Press reports:

The makers of corporate jets are trying to build political support after they say their industry has been demonized by President Barack Obama. The General Aviation Manufacturers Association is organizing a rally Wednesday at the Rockwell Collins Flight Operations Center in Cedar Rapids. Spokeswoman Katie Pribyl says the rally will be a reminder of the jobs the industry creates in Iowa despite the president’s "negative rhetoric."

The GAMA press release sent out last week promised a crowd of 300. It notes the industry employs over 2,000 Iowans, which is probably why four of Iowa's members of Congress were scheduled to be in attendance. Judging by this picture the Rausch Productions, the company that set up the event, posted on its Facebook page, the decor favored American flags over luxury G5s.

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