New York Tabloids Are Trying to Outdo Each Other at Tasteless

The New York Post see hookers and a bull's behinds in the stock market

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The competition over the most jawdropping tabloid cover is not a new one in New York City. The city's dailies have been at it since the days of Pulitzer-engineered sensationalism over a century ago. But the last two days have been an entertaining, if tasteless, exercise in shock value by the New York Post and the Daily News.

The New York Post has always had a penchant for suggesting prostitution on their wood. In July, their cover announced "DSK MAID A HOOKER" and soon was answered by a libel lawsuit. (In fact, you can get a pretty interesting perspective on the entire scandal by just reading their covers.) On Wednesday, the Post put the hooker trope to use on a different story:

The headslap potential was so great, even Stephen Colbert decided to discuss it on his show:

That said, when the Post decidedly ignored the stock market on Thursday, the Daily News seized the opportunity to make a barnyard joke:

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