Jonnie Marbles Explains Pieing Murdoch to Fellow Inmates

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Jonnie Marbles, the guy who tossed a shaving cream pie at Rupert Murdoch's face during a UK phone hacking hearing, is now blogging from jail. He seems a bit hesitant in his new confines, titling a Sunday blog post "So, prison is scary, right?" From Marbles account, it looks a bit so: he introduces his bunk buddy "Splinter" and, as the Village Voice noted, teared up over missing his son. He also tried a little levity, as when he recounted to fellow inmate "Ruxspin" why he pied the News Corp. mogul in the first place:

"So, why'd you do that, Blood?" asks Ruxspin. I give him the long answer: Beyond hacking dead girls phones, Murdoch supports despots in dictatorships and democracies and has poisoned the public discourse with racism, class war and ever shriller cries for harsh and punitive "justice". ....."You shoulda thrown a grenade, mate" suggests Ruxspin. While I might not agree with his tactics you can't fault his spirits, particularly to his face.

Last week, Marbles had his jail sentence cut by from six weeks to four by a judge who nevertheless rejected arguments that his pieing was in the spirit of Monty Python antics.

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