Biographer: Bernie Madoff's Wife Has Had It with Him

His wife hasn't spoken to him since his son's suicide in December

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After 52 years of marriage, Ruth Madoff hasn't seen her disgraced Ponzi-scheming billionaire husband since their son Mark committed suicide in December, according to Diana Henriques, a biographer with a new Bernie Madoff book released. Henriques's account served as the basis for this weekend's tabloids reports from the Daily Mail and the Daily Express saying that Ruth had cut off contact with Bernie and was attempting to reconcile with her son Andrew. The biographer stated: "Ruth has not seen Bernie since Mark's suicide and I think the remnants of the family will now pull together. Ruth visiting him in prison was a major impediment to her being reconciled with them."  In December, Hendriques wrote a Dealbook article explaining Mark's suicide, saying that he "understood how tainted his identity had become."
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