Another Day, Another Banner Message to Wall Street

Taking note from yesterday's angry plane message, another took to the skies with a complaint

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Frustrated with the sputtering economy and ailing stock market, for the second day in a row an angry American has taken to the skies, flying an airplane banner with the following complaint to Wall Street, tipster Stephanie Judge told The New York Observer. "DOWNGRADE HURTS USD NOT RUBLE ALWAYS BE FRUGAL," reads today's banner, according to Judge. We're not sure what that means. Or even if that's exactly what the plane says: The Observer's image is fuzzy--the red hue across the sky, which presumably is the poetic phrase, is barely discernible from the city skyline. But it does look like there's some sort of plane message there, as you can see below.

Yesterday's banner, below, came from a Midwestern mom, as we reported. Is this another message from the same disappointed woman? Or perhaps she inspired Russians to plead their own financial case to Wall Street? The only thing we may have learned from this episode is that it's difficult to take a legible photo of an airplane banner with a phone camera.

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