Strike Averted at The Village Voice

Plans to publish on a Tumblr called off after an agreement on health care benefits

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Last night, alt-weekly employees of The Village Voice narrowly avoided calling a strike by reaching an agreement on health care benefits. The staff had been planning to publish content on an alternate website, The Real Voice if negotiations fell through. A statement from staff union spokesperson, Graham A. Rayman, read, "We have reached a tentative agreement that is going to be presented to the membership for their approval in the morning." Voice editor Tony Ortega wrote in a statement (via Erik Wemple):

Done deal. You can quote me: Our number one concern was that the Voice employees join the same healthcare plan as the rest of the company. Their top concern seemed to be that VVM [Village Voice Media] continue to pay their health premiums. Both of those things happened, and I’m really glad to say we have another three-year contract.

On Twitter last night, staff writer Steven Thrasher wrote: "Tonight, I'm awfully grateful to have learned firsthand about the courage and character of my co-workers @villagevoice."

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