Publisher Drops Michael Hastings's Book on Afghanistan

The New York Post says the reversal is "one of the bigger book-publishing mysteries"

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Publishing house Little, Brown and Company has mysteriously cancelled its commitment to publish a book by Michael Hastings based on his bombshell Rolling Stone article about Stanley McCrystal in Afghanistan. According to Keith Kelly at the New York Post, agent Andrew Wylie is shopping Hastings's manuscript around town, and when asked about why, Little Brown president and publisher Michael Pietsch said "I'm not going to talk about that" and hung up the phone.

Many say the 2010 magazine piece, "The Runaway General," led to the McCrystal's reassignment, despite the Pentagon denying many of Hastings's original claims. The book deal that followed stole headlines when it was announced just over a year ago, half because of the article's controversial claims and half because of Hastings's six-figure advance. Rolling Stone, however, told Kelly on Tuesday, "We absolutely stand by [Hastings'] reporting."

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