Chart: The Most Expensive Keywords on Google

"Insurance," "rehab," and "cord blood" draw top dollar on Google

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Google makes a lot of money. It's latest earnings report came out just last week, and with $9.03 billion in revenue, investors loved it. And Google is still expanding its corporate footprint into smartphones with Andriod, social networking with Google+, and even spaceflight with its cash price for the first private company to reach the Moon.

So you'll be forgiven for forgetting that the vast majority of Google's money still comes from its bread-and-butter revenue stream, search advertising. For the past four quarters 97 percent of its third of a trillion in earnings have been generated by this search advertising. WordStream, an Internet markering blog, put together an infographic showing the top 20 keywords for Google's AdWords ads. The list hints at the (mostly service-based) industries to which the company's ads cater: financial services ("insurance," "loans," "mortgage," "credit"), legal services ("attorney," "claim"), education ("degree," "classes"), and medicine ("rehab," "treatment," "cord blood"). Yes, you read that final keyword correctly: cord blood.

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