Entenmann's Unwittingly Hijacks Casey Anthony Hashtag

Remember when Kenneth Cole hijacked #Cairo?

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Twitter rules aren't that complicated. The biggest one is this: don't hijack sensitive, hot-button issues to promote your product. The latest such social media faux pas arrives courtesy of doughnut purveyor Entenmann's, whose sparsely followed account got more attention today when it tweeted out "Who's #notguilty of eating all the tasty treats they want!?" coincidentally as the #notguilty hashtag was trending in response to the Casey Anthony murder trial verdict.

Here's the screenshot, courtesy of The Daily What:

To the account's credit, it recognized the awkwardness of the "treats" statement and tweeted again, "Our tweet was insensitive, albeit completely unintentional. We are sincerely sorry." Intentions aside, the tweet brings to mind Kenneth Cole infamous tweet referencing the Egyptian protests as he tried to hawk his spring collection. At the time, Cole wrote: "Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online at http://bit.ly/KCairo -KC." He later apologized.

The gold standard of hashtag spamming may have been perpetrated long ago in 2009, when furniture giant HabitatUK hijacked tags for the #Iranelection, #Mousavi, #iphone, and #Apple to push discounts. In its appraisal of the incident, The Telegraph quoted a social media expert who noted: "Knowing how social media in big brands often works, it is quite likely that Habitat’s experiments on Twitter are the work of someone junior. In this case it can be put down to a simple case of over-enthusiasm."

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