Comment of the Day: Who Needs Moody's?

One commenter doesn't get why the U.S. needs to listen to the credit rating agency

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As progress on the debt ceiling negotiations remain stalled somewhere between "eat your peas" and melted Jell-O, the big credit rating agencies are getting impatient with the United States of America. In the past two days both Moody's and Standard & Poors have threatened to downgrade the nation's top credit rating. The news, however, didn't faze commenter Ordman, who responded.

Wasn't Standard & Poor's along with Moody’s and all the other rating agencies the one’s telling us and the rest of the world that the Banks are sound and that Lehmans Brothers, AIG, and other enormous  financial firms were safe with sufficient capital back in 2008? Why should we listen to them now?

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