Cash Flush Apple Reported to Be Mulling Hulu Bid

Bloomberg reports that talks are in the early stage between the companies

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That $76 billion cash reserve looks like it's burning a hole in Apple's pockets: According to Bloomberg sources, the company is considering a bid for video streaming service Hulu, which has an estimated price tag of about $2 billion. If Apple got a hold of Hulu, it could add a much needed element to its iTunes store or as a separate property that could offer streaming content to rival Netflix. Nothing appears imminent yet, as Bloomberg stressed talks were still in the early stage and Google, Yahoo! and other companies were still in the mix. Still, as The Atlantic's Nicholas Jackson figured, Apple's video prospects could be bolstered considerably by the deal:

[I]t would position the company for enormous growth in a market where the infrastructure is already in place. Hulu's content combined with the iTunes subscription model would create a serious competitor to Netflix, which has been the subject of a lot of vitriol recently due to a planned price hike.

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