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Women's Wear Daily reports that February's issue of Vanity Fair, cover featuring a smooch-laden Justin Bieber, is on track to be the magazine's worst-selling issue in 12 years. This isn't that surprising, when you consider the general lack of overlap between Vanity Fair newsstand buyers and hardcore Beliebers. What is surprising, and somewhat inexplicable, is the rundown of other notable issues to sell less than 300,000 copies at the newsstand since editor Graydon Carter arrived at the magazine in 1992. We're not sure what the lesson is. Maybe don't be male, don't be female, don't be young, don't be established, don't be an up-and-comer, don't be solo, and don't be in a group? Have a look at this list of past flops.

July 1999: Will Smith (202,701 copies sold)

July 1993: Harrison Ford (243,000 copies sold)

February 2011: Justin Bieber (246,000 copies sold)

Gisele Bundchen (280,000 copies sold)

March 2010: Young Hollywood (300,000 copies sold)

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