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Now that the New York Times pay wall is live, you only get 20 free clicks a month. For those worried about hitting their limit, we're taking a look through the paper each morning to find the stories that can make your clicks count.

The lead story on today's home page, expectedly, is the report on President Barack Obama's address on Afghanistan, in which he said he would pull out some 30,000 troops over the next year. Just below that we get some analysis on what the draw-down means for the U.S. relationship with Pakistan. But the news you won't want to miss, currently occupying the main photo-linked spot on the home page, is the story of mob boss Whitey Bulger's arrest in Santa Monica.

World: The story on Greece possibly selling off the "crown jewels of the socialist state" makes for an interesting read that drives home the extent of the crisis there. The analysis of Iran's delicate political state is also an interesting piece, as is the report on China's ever-closer relationship with the Libyan opposition.

U.S.: The profile on Las Vegas's mayor and mayor-elect, a husband and wife, respectively, is fascinating. But the big read from this section is the report on crime boss Whitey Bulger's arrest by federal agents in Boston.

Business: It's a very international day in the Business section, with most of the content coming from Greece, including this report on derivatives in the fallout from the crisis there. But the most fun story, also the lead, is on how high-speed rail is shaping China.

Technology: The story to read here is the profile of Foursquare, which seems to be standing up to competitors Google and Facebook as it forges a deal with American Express.

Science: There are some intriguing reports here, including one on possible subterranean oceans on a Saturn moon, and another on studying birds to learn the effects of childhood bullying.

Health: The story to read here is the analysis of the rare strain of E. Coli that sickened many in Germany, and the unusual traits that blended to create it.

Sports: We're always trying to nudge you past the game stories, but in this case that means taking an interest in the dismal U.S. record at Olympic hammer throw. So just in case you can't muster it, the Mets beat the Athletics and the Yankees and Reds traded a win and a loss in two games.

Opinion: David Shipler has the lead op-ed, arguing that the ever-weakening Fourth Amendment ought to worry us a lot more than it does. 

Arts: Just to blow your mind, take a look at the report on the cost of producing Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which was twice as expensive as any show in Broadway history. 

Style: The review of Milan's summer fashion shows reads more like a longing tribute to Italy's knack for good living.

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