There's More Bourbon Than People in Kentucky

Barrels of bourbon produced by Kentucky distilleries outnumber the state's population

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Bourbon is so hip these days. All the young people are drinking it, the Associated Press reports, creating a "boom" for the burgeoning bourbon industry. This is good news for Kentucky, the source of "95 percent of the world's bourbon." In fact, there is so much bourbon coming out of Kentucky right now, that the number of barrels storing the stuff--4.7 million to be exact--surpasses the states population of 4.3 million people. To keep up with the young folks' high demand for bourbon cocktails, Kentucky distiller Wild Turkey just opened a "new $50 million facility" which, according to the Associated Press, is "among the most ambitious of projects for this industry clustered in central Kentucky's rolling hills where distilleries have spent at least $150 million in one of the bourbon sector's biggest expansions since Prohibition." So what's behind this "bourbon boom"? The Daily Mail suggests Mad Men is responsible for making bourbon cocktails cool again. So let's hope the folks at AMC get their act together and bring this trend-setting show back soon, for Kentucky's sake.

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