Comment of the Day: About Those 'Misinformed' Fox News Viewers

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Sunday's lively 25 minute debate between Jon Stewart and Fox News' Chris Wallace got even more coverage than one might have expected, in part because Stewart alleged to Wallace that Fox has the most "consistently misinformed" viewers in "every poll." A day later, Politifact, a fact-checking operation run by the St. Petersburg Times, took a look at media knowledge surveys and concluded the Daily Show host's refrain was "false." That only reignited a debate in which one of our commenters, ItsMeScott, noted:

I would say that ALL news networks do a lousy job of educating viewers on issues. They'd rather report on the political ramifications or the horse race aspect of a debate and not the issue itself. Think back to the healthcare debate. How many network news programs actually delved into the plan itself? Very few. And the number drops to zero if you take PBS off the air.

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