Trimming the Times: Scrutinizing Banks; French Silence

A guide to what's in the New York Times for those worried about hitting its pay wall

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The home page leads with news that the New York Attorney General is investigating three banks for their roles in the fiscal crisis of 2008. And in an interesting follow-up to the arrest of IMF director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the feature on the French culture of silence around the indiscretions of public figures is worth a look. But for sheer (shear?) weirdness, you can't beat the crime trend story about thieves targeting extension hair in beauty shops.

World: The lead story on France struggling to come to grips with the arrest of one of its leading politicians is worth a read if you haven't already caught the European side of the story. And then there are the reports of two different women who have come forward with reports of coercion and attempted rape by Strauss-Kahn. Outside that ongoing saga and breaking news such as the Irish pipe bomb, the story to catch is this feature on women at the helms of Filipino newsrooms.

U.S.: The big national news is obviously that Arnold Schwarzenegger has a child outside his marriage, but since that's just an AP report so far, you don't need to spend a click on it (try the LA Times instead). Rather, check out this funny crime trend feature on surprisingly valuable hair extensions, or the surprisingly good economic news that California has halved its debt.

Business: In addition to the news about New York State's bank investigation, there's a worthwhile report on how the bailout talks surrounding Greece and Portugal will proceed without Strauss-Kahn.

Science: The lead report is also one of the most fascinating: A look at optogenetics, in which scientists stimulate neurons in the brain to control behavior. You probably read about the space shuttle launch yesterday, so you can skip that article, but there's a neat slide show that may be worth a look.

Health: A very cool report tracks the organs donated from one man's body to the people who received them. Plus, Haiti announces a plan to immunize 90 percent of its newborns by 2015.

Sports: A Yankees game story leads, with a defeat for a team fraught with tension over off-field in-fighting. But for a more unique read, click over to the news piece on Global Entertainment, a company that has left many U.S. cities with stadiums they did not need.

Opinion: The lead op-ed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas argues that a Palestinian state is long overdue.

Arts: In a fascinating bit of intrigue, this expose examines the exotic-sounding foreign orchestras that tour the United States every year, and finds they're not always what they seem. And gamers will want to spend their clicks on Seth Schiesel's review of L.A. Noir, from Rockstar Games.

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