Trimming the Times: Bin Laden's Last Plans; Derby Countdown

A guide to what's in the New York Times for those worried about hitting its pay wall

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Now that the New York Times pay wall is live, you only get 20 free clicks a month. For those worried about hitting their limit, we're taking a look through the paper each morning to find the stories that can make your clicks count.

The home page leads today with news that Osama bin Laden's notes and computer files show the terrorist leader was active in planning attacks, and had intended more in the future. Also, a raid in 2007 was to strike Bin Laden, but just missed. But with Kentucky Derby day tomorrow, we're going to recommend you have a read through The Rail, the Times's horse racing blog.

Global: The report on Syrian authorities arresting scores in house-to-house raids ran on the front page of the paper, but sits kind of low in the electronic edition. Also, the U.S. is trying to use some of the assets it seized from Muammar Qaddafi to support the rebels fighting his army in Libya. And France has followed Britain's lead in kicking out Libyan diplomats.

U.S.: With recovery just getting underway in tornado-hit Alabama, we get a look at Yazoo, Mississippi, where a devastating twister struck one year ago. And social scientists look at the phenomenon of celebrating Osama bin Laden's death, and decide it's a natural thing. But the fun click here is this account of President Barack Obama's lunch with a station full of New York City firefighters.

Business: Kate Middleton's dress was a hit, but her bridesmaids wore no rags themselves, and now people are clamoring for replicas of Pippa's dress. And the weird behavior of commodities prices is making everything a little more expensive.

Technology: Aside from some posts yesterday in the Bits blog, the only thing new here is a report on viral political campaigning in Singapore, a nation known for tightly controlled speech (and that piece is borrowed from the World section).

Science: The San Francisco Bay, which has been declining in water level over the last 30 years, seems to be filling back up. And in a cross-post from World, we get a look at the stealth helicopters used in the raid that killed Bin Laden.

Sports: Saturday is Kentucky Derby Day, and rookie horses and jockeys are getting ready for their big moment.

Opinion: In the lead op-ed, public health professor Michael Siegel argues that banning smoking in parks and on beaches will lead to a public backlash.

Arts: A.O. Scott gives a very disappointed review of Thor.

Style: With Mother's Day around the corner, Andrew Limbong has a good essay on his relationship with his Indonesian-immigrant parents, his girlfriend, and his sex life.

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