Shameless Press Release of the Day: Rapture Edition

There may just be hours left to shill!

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There may be mere hours until the world ends (or the world stops talking about the world ending) and that means just one thing: marketing opportunity. Have any more bad rapture pitches? Send them to us and we'll add them here.

We know it's just giving in to the publicist who crafted this missive by featuring it here, but this press release we received from an inundated reporter did make us chuckle:

With the end of the world taking place tomorrow, May 21st (CBS News), several pressing questions come to mind: Where will I be? Will I be alone? What’s my last meal?

But the most important question of all: What will I be wearing?

The answer: PajamaJeans 


With the end getting closer, PajamaJeans have used their immense popularity to expand into huge nationwide retailers like Wal-Mart and (should we survive) will be in every major retail chain come June.

Considering the heavy reliance on a Rapture news peg, we're shocked that PajamaJeans (sweatpants that sort of look like denim) didn't throw in this line: "Our jeans look like denim, but feel like PJ's....the Bible guarantees it!"

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