Comment of the Day: Just Don't Root for Anyone

A reader feels the awkwardness of taking sides in a KKK-Westboro Baptist Church fight

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Today we took a look at two loathsome groups locked in a bitter dispute over who were the bigger jerks: The Klu Klux Klan (known for terrorizing and murdering black people) and the Westboro Baptist Church (known for holding "God hates fags" signs at soldiers' funerals). Both groups are nearly impossible to side with, but eventually a qualified "victory" in our Spatwatch went to the currently more subdued Klan (with the caveat that "Westboro at least doesn't have any lynchings in its organizational history"). Commenter dadgumhippies felt the awkwardness:

Its kind of weird when the kkk seems to have the moral high ground over a church.

Yes, it certainly is. Then again, where are we placing the high ground, here? Thanks for reading everyone. Be sure to check out Open Wire, where you can share comments, tips, and links to the stories you think we should be covering.

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