CNN's Don Lemon Says He's Gay in New Memoir

The CNN anchor had said he was "scared" before his book came out

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Don Lemon, a weekend anchor on CNN Newsroom, has a highly personal memoir coming out next month. It's called Transparent, and it will reveal, among other things, that Lemon is gay and suffered sexual abuse as a child. Lemon hasn't kept his sexuality a secret; his colleagues at CNN have long known that he's gay. But as he recently told The New York Times, he thinks the news will surprise a lot of people--and he's aware that "going public in his book carries certain risks."

"I'm scared," Lemon told the Times. "I'm talking about something that people might shun me for, ostracize me for."

Maybe. But so far, at least, people seem to be rallying around Lemon. The Times notes that "he has been assured of support by CNN"--the network has already booked him as a guest on Monday's edition of CNN Newsroom, and he'll be on The Joy Behar Show on sister network HLN this week.

Meanwhile, Mark Pasetsky at Forbes observed last night that Lemon was a trending topic on Twitter. As of this morning, it looks like people are mostly tweeting in support of him, with a smattering of women expressing dismay that Lemon is out of their dating pool. (Lemon is a pretty handsome dude.)

Daniel Villarreal at Queerty speculates that for Lemon, things can only get better from here: "Lemon could easily position himself as an effective LGBT advocate both behind and away from the news desk."

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