America's Most Trusted Political Reporter Is 'None'

Networks are more trusted than specific reporters in a Suffolk University poll

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Networks garner more trust than specific reporters based on numbers from a Suffolk University poll [PDF] as TV Newser points out. Fox News, more specifically, is the most trusted "political news source" for 28 percent, a majority, of the 1,070 respondents to the diverse questionnaire that also included questions about presidential candidates, Osama bin Laden's death the NFL, health care and more. Trailing Fox News by ten points is CNN followed by the major networks. Newspapers, blogs and online news sources were not listed as options. However, specific personalities were. Presented with a long list of anchors and commentators that included everyone from Jon Stewart to Wolf Blitzer to Glenn Beck.

The poll of likely voters choose the option "None" over any of the personalities by a wide margin--15 percentcompared to second-place Bill O'Reilly's 9 percent and third place Anderson Cooper's 6 percent --and the biggest group of those polled, 21 percent, chose "Don't Know." Meet the Press's David Gregory and CNN's Eliot Spitzer tied for last place with only three votes each. Conversely, the respondents were fairly united in their approval how the "Seal Team 6" carried out the attack on Osama bin Laden. An overwhelming 87 percent said it didn't matter to them that the terrorist was unarmed when he was killed.

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