What Planned Parenthood Really Does

We're hours away from a possible government shutdown, and Democrats are claiming the most significant hold-up is federal funding for Planned Parenthood. This has led some folks to claim that the budget debate is now all about the unborn. That's shocking enough to earn a CNN banner for sure, but it misrepresents Planned Parenthood's services, of which abortion accounts for about 3 percent.

(Planned Parenthood)

Though the fight over Planned Parenthood might be about abortion, Planned Parenthood itself isn't about abortion. It's primarily about contraception and reproductive health. And if Planned Parenthood loses funding, what will mainly happen is that cancer screenings and contraception and STD testing will become less available to poorer people. Folks with more money, of course, have many other ways to receive all these services, and tend to get them elsewhere already.

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