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Twitter is looking to buy Tweetdeck, one of the most popular tweeting programs and the one supposedly preferred by "power users." The microblogging site offered $50 million for the desktop client today, according to the Wall Street Journal's Amir Efrati, just two months after rival UberMedia reportedly already bought the company for $30 million.

Efrati doesn't mention the previously reported sale, but Business Insider, TechCrunch, and many others wrote it up as fact in February. It would appear that what had previously been reported as a done deal was actually still unfinished, and now San Francisco's Twitter has rushed in with a much nicer offer for the 15-employee U.K. concern that is Tweetdeck.

That could be because UberMedia was reportedly working on a competitor to Twitter, behind which it would have had a lot more power if it could take control of such a widely used platform as Tweetdeck. Some 13 percent of all tweets go out on that one application.

After the sale, Tweetdeck and Twitter might consider spending a bit of their cash in hiring a few more engineers. Twitter's so-called fail whale was a frequent appearance on the site until an upgrade last September, and just today GigaOm writer Matthew Ingram tweeted, "anyone else getting repeated 'Twitter API unavailable' messages from Tweetdeck? almost unusable at this point." Perhaps all 15 employees were busy toasting the new deal.

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