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The fine name of Taco Bell has been vindicated. Months ago, an Alabama-based law firm filed a suit against the fast-food purveyor alleging that the chain's beef was not, in fact, real beef. The lawsuit was dropped two days ago after the suing firm said Taco Bell made changes to its food disclosure procedure.

At the time of the filing, Taco Bell's PR team swiftly retorted to the "it's not real beef" claim with a bizarre counter-offensive: an ad campaign with "Thank You For Suing Us" as a slogan. All that is now in the past. But those same PR folks at the fast-food chain are still not satisfied with the results. They've now launched full page ads in newspapers nationwide demanding an apology from the firm that sued them. Here's an excerpt:

Naturally, not everyone thinks this crowing from the fast-food establishment is a good PR move going forward. Even if it does help that Taco Bell "won" the suit. The Chicago Tribune quoted a crisis management expert who said it best using a sports analogy:

"Dancing in the end zone here is unnecessary and perhaps even risky...Why not hand the ball to the referee and kick the extra point and go home a winner? Advertise the product instead of advertising the dropping of the suit. I would think that might be a better course to take."

Here's the full page ad in question (via Eater):

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