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The "It Gets Better Project," which seeks to to prevent gay teen suicide, has spawned over 10,000 videos from people ranging from columnist Dan Savage (whose video sparked the campaign) to Barack Obama. Apple recently submitted its own video, following in the footsteps of rivals Google and Facebook. Each company has taken a somewhat different approach in formulating its message.

In the Apple video, LGBT employees discuss their experiences with childhood bullying and suicidal thoughts and explain how liberated they felt when they embraced their true identities, in emotional and sometimes tearful testimonials. Gawker's Ryan Tate notices that Apple COO Tim Cook--ranked No. 1 on who Out magazine ranked first in its Power 50 this year--doesn't appear in the video.

Google's video is a bit more upbeat, with employees introducing themselves by name and position against a bright blue backdrop. The video also features some Google branding: the spot begins with someone typing in "it gets better" into Google's search engine, and some employees wear t-shirts showing green Android robots holding a gay-pride flag. The Google staffers, like Apple's employees, discuss childhood tribulations and the exciting things gay teens have to look forward to later in life.

Facebook's video is also upbeat and focuses more than the other videos on what the coming out process was like for employees. The video also addresses cyberbulling, with Facebook's chief operating officer asking viewers to report offensive behavior on the social networking site.

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