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If you look at the numbers, New York City has been over Glenn Beck for a while. After being dropped by two New York-based networks--the popular talk radio station WOR and, of course, Fox News--Beck announced Saturday that he's over the city, too.

At a live show in Albany, Beck said that he's sold his Connecticut mansion and will build a new media elsewhere that will speak directly to the youth of America. Beck also said he's been busy building "a research department that will utilize the idle brains that we have: retired CIA, military, Ph.D's." The Blaze is only the beginning, the ambitious Beck said of his newish website, and he's been recruiting accordingly. Many expect Joel Cheatwood, who's departing Fox News when his contract expires at the end of the month, will be joining Beck's Mercury Radio Arts. Cheatwood's controversial background building up local news stations would complement former Huffington Post CEO and current president of The Blaze Betsy Morgan's track record of turning small websites into huge websites. Kraig Kitchen is running the sales department on Beck's site out of Los Angeles, and while Beck did not announce his next stop, California might make sense.

And from where will the bulk of Beck's staff be building this new future, non-NYC-centered media? New York City, of course.

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