Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf Sales a Little Better in March

Last month, there was a big debate brewing about why sales for the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf were so weak. In February, just 281 Volts and 67 Leafs were sold. That's pretty weak, considering that these green vehicles were touted as the cars of the future by their respective automakers. One rationale for those slow sales was production restraints: the vehicles just weren't being rolled out very quickly. If that was the case, it looks like production may have improved a little since then. The March numbers are a little better. Autoblog reports:

So - drum roll, please - here are the latest U.S. sales totals for the plug-in challengers, since launching late last year:

  • Volt: 1,536
  • Leaf: 471

Backing into the March numbers, we get 608 Volts and 298 Leafs. Those numbers aren't exactly going to transform the auto industry, but they're both much better than February's results. For these cars to live up to the expectations set, sales will need to keep growing at a rapid pace.

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