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Now that the New York Times has turned on its paywall, those who don't care to subscribe to the paper's digital or home-delivery services are going to have to read it a lot more sparingly. You only get 20 clicks a month, which means you can't even read an article a day if you're going to do so for free. We're here to help you decide how to spend your precious free clicks. Here's a look at the best articles of the day, by section.

World: Leading the foreign section we have a look at Obama's speech on Libya and a recap of the rebel forces' progress there (slow and stalled). But these stories don't give you much you can't get from the wires or a rival paper like the Washington Post. Our recommendation: Take a break from heavy-handed war reporting and titilate yourself with this look at Indonesia's fascination with movies featuring clothed porn stars. It's got fun elements of sleaze and intrigue, but also touches on some important themes about how the rest of the world consumes media.

U.S.: The ongoing inquiry into that horrific rape case in Texas has revealed that the 11-year-old victim was repeatedly attacked over a three-month period. The Times first version of this story was widely critcized, so it's a do-over for the paper. A better piece can be found in this look at Chinese "maternity tourists" who come to the United States to deliver their babies so that they can have dual citizenship.

Business: Forget the standard-issue reports on falling housing prices. The interesting news today is the Times' original reporting on the soaring prices of food staples. There's a look at farmers who are devoting more acreage to cotton at a time when corn, wheat and soy prices are skyrocketing. There's also a piece on so-called food inflation, in which you pay the same amount for a smaller bag of chips. One story is cause, the other effect, so both may be worth a read.

Technology: The lead story here is Facebook's push to build relationships in Washington, but you read all about that yesterday. In fact, Tech didn't break much of interest today, except a Bits Blog piece on Amazon's digital music lcoker, which Cnet reported last night, so you can safely skip this section.

Science: Just go straight to the long-form piece on American nuclear security. It's a good look at what dangers might be faced at a bunch of different nuclear facilities nationwide.

Health: The lead story here is a Well blog piece about oler Americans with eating disorders. But the most interesting is this report on how ceramics can contain enough lead to be poisonous.

Sports: You're probably getting scores and game stories elsewhere, so here's where you want to seek out analysis and features. Check out Greg Bishop's look at the Redskins' strategy during the NFL work stoppage, or read the testimony from Barry Bonds's ex-girlfriend.

Arts: For those who can't get enough Kennedys, there's a preview of the controversial miniseries that bears the family's name. It premiers on ReelzChannel Sunday after the Kennedy family pessured the History Channel to drop it.

Style: There's a big feature on Rodarte, which is really your only current Style content worth reading. It's accompanied by a slide show, but you'll have to spend another click for that.

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