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Now that the New York Times pay wall is live,you only get 20 free clicks a month. For those worried about hitting their limit, we're taking a look through the paper each morning to find the stories that can make your clicks count. 

The paper is leading today with an account of Japan's nuclear crisis as told by worker e-mails and blog posts, as well as a rundown on Libya, where the foreign minister quit and the rebels are in retreat. Most talked about, however, might end up being this look at Mormons' reaction to the musical The Book of Mormon.

World: The Japan story is great, the Libya story is comprehensive but available elsewhere. What's especially interesting, though, is this look at the growing refugee situation in Italy, an angle of the greater North Africa story that hasn't been covered enough. Also India beat Pakistan at cricket.

U.S.: The lead story here is also the most interesting. It's about how the South Park creators' new musical, The Book of Mormon, is a hit with actual Mormons, even if it makes them "cringe." Those on the West Coast may also be interested in this ridiculous bit on vegans trying to rename San Francisco's infamous Tenderloin district the Tempeh district.

Business: Microsoft, which got walloped with a massive antitrust suit in the 1990s, is now suing Google for the same reason. Priceless.

Technology: This section is leading with the Microsoft suit as well, and the other big stories — about Google's new social tool, the amazing Internet in Kansas City, Kansas, and Paul Allen's distaste for Bill Gates — went up here yesterday, so you could actually get away with skipping tech.

Science: In today's awesome photo set, NASA's Messenger spacecraft has gone into orbit around Mercury and sent back an slide show. As amazing as the images are, you already paid for those images if you're an American taxpayer, so they're available for free at NASA's site. Either way, enjoy them: the space agency doesn't expect to orbit another planet for at least a decade.

Health: The lead story here also made the front page, and it's an important one: As people worldwide find their waistlines expanding, they also seem to be adopting familiar prejudices against fat people.

Sports: Baseball fans and crossword buffs alike will enjoy this feature on San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson, who always wanted to be a clue in the Times crossword. Now he is, but don't read any more if you don't like spoilers to your puzzle.

Opinion: It's baseball's opening day, and former Mets manager Bobby Valentine argues that dip should be banned on the field.

Arts: You don't have to be an opera fan to commiserate with the company of the Metropolitan Opera, which may have to cancel its long-awaited tour of Japan.

Style: The lead is another big feature on how Brooklynites are willing to pay too much for quirky antiques (typewriters in this case). Snore. Skip that and check out this profile of a sex-symbol Italian skydiver.

Travel: Those who indulge in summer rentals, or want to, should probably read this big piece on where to get deals.

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