Everyone's Getting 'Slammed' This Week

From Obama's budget to NPR to Charlie Sheen: No one's safe

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We get it: Even the best editors will use the word "slam" in a headline. It's expressive. It's violent-sounding. And it's one of the most economical ways to convey conflict in a short amount of headline space. But this week, things have gotten out of hand. Everyone's getting "slammed"! 

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin slammed Obama's budget yesterday, The Washington Post reports. Charlie Sheen's former Two and a Half Men co-star also got slammed, ABC reports. American Apparel's CEO got "slammed" with a sex suit, Fox News tells us. Rebels in Darfur are slamming the Sudanese government's new "divide and rule" plan, the AFP says. Prince Andrew got "slammed" for having ties to a U.S. convicted sex offender, according to ABC. NPR's Robert Schilling slammed the Tea Party on that undercover video, Drudge reports. Let's not forget the slamming Mike Huckabee gave Natalie Portman after the Oscars, the U.S. News and World Report reminds us. Even the Grey Lady's hosting an article about environmentalists slamming the EPA over greenhouse gas data.

New rule: no more slamming unless it involves car accidents or people literally throwing each other against walls.

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