BP Executive Sorry for Oil Spill, But Also Blames Entire Industry

Robert Dudley's first public address as BP chief is an interesting one

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BP is sorry for last year's gulf oil spill. It also thinks industry standards need to change. At CERAWeek, a global energy industry conference held in Houston, BP executive Robert Dudley made that very clear in a Tuesday speech. "The first thing I want to say is that I am sorry for what happened last year," Dudley said in remarks titled "New Era, New Responsibilities," Reuters reports.

But he also appeared to hedge: "I think it would be a mistake to dismiss our experience of the last year simply as a 'Black Swan,' a one-in-a-million occurrence that carries no wider application for our industry as a whole," Dudley reportedly said. "I believe the industry also has a responsibility to change."

Remember, Robert Dudley took over his executive post from the heavily-criticized executive Tony Hayward last fall. It still took him until this Tuesday to make his "first public speech" and apologize for causing the gulf oil spill. One has to wonder, too, if other companies really are as accident-prone as BP, or if talk of this being an "industry" problem is mere PR spin. Other industry executives, the New York Times notes, didn't enjoy Dudley spreading the blame around. Exxon Mobil's chief executive Rex T. Tillerson stated, "I do not agree that this is an industrywide problem."

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