Julian Assange Trademarks Julian Assange

The WikiLeaks founder follows in the footsteps of Sarah Palin

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Fighting extradition to Sweden, Julian Assange is contemplating his future: and it may include selling a lot of WikiLeaks branded T-shirts. Seeking to capitalize on his name recognition, the founder of WikiLeaks has decided follow in Sarah Palin's footsteps and apply to trademark his name for use "public speaking," "entertainment services," and also "publication of texts other than publicity texts," The Guardian's Josh Halliday reports.

Last week, during the Wire's mini-tour of the trinkets sold in WikiLeaks Gift Shop, we noted that Assange was reluctantly "forced to consider other fundraising measures." We should have known that an AssangeĀ® would be arriving shortly after.

Didn't the outlook for radical transparency look brighter a few short months ago when Assange was vying with Zuckerberg for Person of the Year? As of now, he's just scaring away former presidents with college speaking engagements and hawking slim cut t-shirts with his name emblazoned on the front.

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