New Documentary Digs Deep into Bear Stearns' Mortgage Activities

A new documentary film called Confidence Game investigates what was going on at Bear Stearns leading up to the financial crisis. It's set to finish up production next month, but the trailer is out now. It can be viewed at this link. The filmmaker Nick Verbitsky has reportedly managed to get a number of insiders to talk who have knowledge of what was really going on at the highest levels of Bear's banking culture. And their willingness to speak up has helped to encourage other sources to come forward, some of whom were relied upon by investigative pieces by Teri Buhl here at The Atlantic. Those included one from last week on bond insurer Ambac's allegations against Bear in a lawsuit recently unsealed and another from last May detailing how some former due diligence analysts claim Bear was falsifying information that was being used to rate mortgage-backed securities.

The documentary should be an interesting one. See the trailer at its production studio Blue Chip Films' website.