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This week, Stephen Colbert's been holding hostage the credit card of Buckley T. Ratchford, a partner at Goldman Sachs. Colbert originally obtained the card when one of his writers found it on the street in Tribeca. Not letting an opportunity go to waste, the late-night host promised to return the card in exchange for Ratchford coming on the show and defending Wall Street bonuses. To hasten Ratchford's cooperation, Colbert promised to expose a new number of his card each day.

Needless to say, Goldman Sachs wasn't amused. "It turns out--and I did not know this-Goldman Sachs has lawyers," Colbert sighed. Apparently, its Office of Global Security (a euphemism for "Assassination Squad"), demanded that he return the card by Wednesday. Colbert indicated that he'd acquiesce, but not before making a copy. No word yet if Goldman's lawyers are calling off their henchmen.

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Goldman Sachs Lawyers Want Buckley T. Ratchford's Card Back
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