Americans Still Love Gas-Guzzling SUVs

Are Americans really ready for the plug-in hybrid revolution? Maybe some are, but their love of giant gas-guzzling SUVs hasn't waned much. In fact, the big vehicles led auto sales growth this year. Peter Whoriskey from the Washington Post reports:

Leading the growth were sales of midsize sport-utility vehicles, which jumped 41 percent through the first 11 months of the year, led by vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Honda Pilot, each of which get about 18 miles per gallon.

Sales of small cars, by contrast, remained flat despite otherwise surging demand for automobiles. Sales of the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic declined, and even the fuel-sipping Toyota Prius, the hybrid darling of the eco-conscious, dropped 1.7 percent.

Pickup truck purchases are also up. Of course, this all came during a year when gas prices were relatively low. It will be interesting to see if tastes change as gas prices begin to rise again.

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