Comcast Is the Best!

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Frequently the worst-rated company for customer satisfaction, Comcast, isn't loved by many. But—it being the country's largest cable TV provider—it's certainly used by many. Today, self-pronounced Comcast-hater Matt Burns grapples with that reality. He reflects on new, innovative products like Google TV, Apple TV, Roku and Boxee Box. Unfortunately, they all fall short. As much as he hates to say it, "nothing gives you the same experience and service as *shock* cable":

Listen, I’m all for canceling Comcast and joining the ranks of the cord cutters. I hate Comcast so much. If Comcast had a large, fluffy mascot, I would punch it in the face. That’s saying something if you know me. But the fact remains that there is simply no way to replicate Comcast’s or any other cable provider’s service right now...

The thing I like most about cable TV is that when I turn it on, the content is there. I don’t need to scroll through screen after screen after screen, trying to figure out what episode to watch.

All these new media streamers have various fatal flaws. Google TV is laggy and only a small amount of free online programming can be watched through the device. Apple TV’s available content is laughable outside of Netflix. Have you ever really used a Roku streamer? They look great on paper, but are, well, lame in practice. The Boxee Box is an awesome local media streamer, but big media could shut off access to Fancast at anytime, leaving the device with half of its original feature set... Sorry. Cord cutting is a lost cause.
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