Bear Hounds Bull in Yellowstone, Just Like It Did in Our 401(k)s

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Mother Nature offered a stunning marketplace metaphor in Yellowstone National Park--all caught on camera by an amateur photographer--when a bear ran down a bull on the park's highway. It's like the animals were acting out the financial crisis of 2008, the terrified prey being our 401(k).

OK, it was a bison, but male bison are called bulls, and more important, there's really no moment in American history that cannot be explained by this cruelly beautiful series of photographs shot by Alex Wypyszinski, who just happened to get lucky with his digital point-and-shoot while hanging out in the park. Mortgage Bubble vs. Dow Jones Industrial Average. Union vs. Confederacy. China vs. America. Sarah Palin vs. the plodding federal government, crippled by its own bumbling. Giants vs. Rangers. Wypyszinski says the hunter and the hunted sprinted past his car at about 25 mph; the bison was injured, rangers said, by falling into a pool of scalding water created by one of the park's geysers.

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