Amazon's Black Friday Bombshell: Kindle 2 for $89

Will you buy one?

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We're seeing quite a few eye-popping Black Friday deals circulating the Web today. Here's one you won't have to leave home for: At 12:00 p.m. ET is selling its second-generation Kindle for a mere $89. That's right, no camping out in Best Buy parking lots, no standing in endless lines and, best of all, no bruising stampedes.

  • Could (Potentially) Be a Good Gift, writes David Carnoy at CNET:

We don't know how long the deal will last (it starts at 9 a.m. PT) but the price seems somewhat enticing. You don't get built-in Wi-Fi, but you do get 3G wireless, and while the contrast level certainly is better on the latest Kindle, the screen is quite readable. We're not sure how it would go over to gift someone an "old" model, but hey, certain people might not know the difference.

  • You Don't Even Have to Leave Your Home, writes Kristy Korcz at Geek Sugar:

Since Amazon doesn't have physical stores, it's kind of hard for them to adhere to the same rules of regular brick and mortar locations. But the fact that you can enter Amazon at anytime, from anywhere, won't stop the online retailer from offering up Black Friday doorbusters like everyone else; only with Amazon, you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to save.

  • Not So Bad Compared to the Nook, writes Mark Smith at The Detroit Free Press:
Amazon was quick to point out on its Facebook page Tuesday that its previous generation Kindle contains the same E Ink display as the current-generation Nook from Barnes and Noble, which starts at $149 for a WiFi-only model. Friday’s $89 Kindle from Amazon will include 3G wireless access.
  • This Doesn't Bode Well for Amazon, writes Kit Eaton at Fast Company:
Proof that the e-reader as a stand-alone device is doomed to have a brief moment in the sun? ...Commoditization like that isn't a good sign for a nascent high-tech industry. Just ask Apple's competitors in the MP3 player market."
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