The Simplicity of Social Security Math

At the risk of being accused of stealing, I'm just going to re-print Kevin Drum's entire blog post here, because he's right. Compared to all of the other hard things government has to do, Social Security is first grade math. Slightly increase the money that goes it, slightly squeeze the money that comes out, and start now so that the changes are as small and gradual as possible. What's so third-rail about that?

" Quote of the Day: Social Security"

From Robert Reischauer, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, talking about Social Security:

It's quite a manageable problem.

Yep. We could solve Social Security for all time in about a day of easy negotiations if both Democrats and Republicans were actually serious about solving it. The required set of benefit cuts and revenue increases would be so minor, and would phase in over such a long period, that virtually no one would even notice.

Too bad we're not serious about it.