Hollywood Actors Take On Financial Crisis Figures

The cast list is in for HBO's adaption of Andrew Ross Sorkin's book "Too Big to Fail," which is an account of the financial crisis. There are some seriously amusing calls here for which actors will play which Treasury figures and Wall Street bankers. Hollywood reporter has the scoop:

-- Paul Giamatti at Ben Bernanke
-- Topher Grace as Jim Wilkinson
-- Ed Asner as Warren Buffett
-- Tony Shalhoub as John Mack
-- James Woods as Dick Fuld
-- Dan Hedaya as Barney Frank
-- Cynthia Nixon as Michele Davis
-- Michael O'Keefe as Chris Flowers
-- Ayad Akhtar as Neel Kashkari
-- Kathy Baker as Wendy Paulson
-- Billy Crudup as Timothy Geithner
-- Joey Slotnick as Dan Jester

The cast joins the previously announced William Hurt as Henry Paulson.

In particular, I'm dying to see Crudup as Geithner and Hedaya as Barney Frank. Although I wonder if this list mixes up Wendy Paulson with Sheila Bair, as I could totally see the FDIC chief being played by Kathy Baker instead Oops... confused Kathy Baker with Kathy Bates (in the Office lately) who would make a fine Bair.

Read the full story at Hollywood Reporter.