As ticket prices rise, fees begin piling up, and endless security theater all continue to make air travel tiptoe the line between tolerable and unbearable, a new "innovation" could make flying even worse. An Italian firm has created a new plane seat that will maximize passenger count. From the flier perspective, that translates to a smaller, less comfortable plane seat. But, of course, it will improve airline profits, so we might see these seats become popular before long.

USA Today reports:

The new airplane seat, to be unveiled next week at the Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas conference in Long Beach, would give passengers an experience akin to riding horseback.

They'd sit at an angle with no more than 23 inches between their perch and the seat in front of them -- a design that could appeal to low-cost airlines that have floated the idea of offering passengers standing-room tickets on short flights.

Read the full story at USA Today, and see the picture the article includes of the awful new seat design.

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