Are Democrats Sabotaging Themselves By Waiting on the Bush Tax Cuts?

Democrats may not have the votes to exclude wealthier Americans from the extension of the Bush tax cuts. But if they do, then waiting until after the November elections could change that. Danny Yadron of the Wall Street Journal reports that election rules will require some appointed Senators be immediately replaced in November if they lose. Though, it's not clear that any of these races will go well for Republicans:

Terms for three of those appointed senators--from Illinois, West Virginia and Delaware--expire after elections Nov. 2.

State laws require replacements to be seated immediately, and Republicans are seen as having a shot at winning in Illinois and West Virginia. The GOP candidate in Delaware, tea-party-backed Christine O'Donnell, is trailing Democratic nominee Chris Coons by double digits in recent polls.

In Colorado, where the election is considered a toss-up, Republicans also intend to push for a speedy appointment.

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