Why Are More Women Remaining Childless?

The share of women electing to skip on motherhood has nearly doubled in the last 35 years, from 10 percent to 18 percent, according to a Pew Study. Why? Maybe they're too busy. Maybe having kids makes you miserable. Or maybe they just don't feel like it.

Most felt their desire not to have children is perfectly normal, and were frustrated by stereotypes about women's biological clocks and the universal desirability of children. Gayle, age 30, drolly observed, "My ovaries do not stir when I see a baby." Author and filmmaker Laura Scott, who is working on a larger project examining the lives of the childless by choice has found that "lack of maternal/paternal instinct" rated in the top six reasons that respondents gave for their decision, along with reasons such as we "love our life [or] our relationship, as it is" and we "do not want to take on the responsibility."

Also this:

According to social conservatives, legal abortions are to blame for declining birth rates. Mike Huckabee told reporter Max Blumenthal that if it weren't for abortion, there would be no need for immigrants to come work in the United States.

You stay classy, Mike Huckabee. Read the full story at Slate.