Which Fannie Employees Got Those VIP Countrywide Loans?

Ranking Member of the Oversight and Government Reform Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) released a bombshell on Tuesday, indicating that Countrywide made 173 VIP loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives. But the letter (.pdf) he sent to the Federal Housing Finance Agency was a little unsatisfying, since it blacked out the names of those execs who should face consequences. Since these names were obtained through subpoena, Issa was not allowed to make the list public. But resourceful CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson managed to get many of the names. Here are the first ten (alphabetically) on the lengthy list:

Sandra Adams: Fannie Mae Account Associate

Nitirwork Armstrong: Fannie Mae Director

Gregg Ayres: Fannie Mae Customer Acct Manager

Jeffrey Baker: Fannie Mae Business Analyst

Ingrid Beckles: Freddie Mac VP Default Mgmt

Cherry Billings: Fannie Mae Asst to CEO

Christine Buckley: Fannie Mae Sr Assistant

Sharon Canavan: Fannie Mae Govt Relations/Lobbyist

Delynn Conley: Fannie Mae Underwriter

Carla Corpuz: Fannie Mae Senior Underwriter

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at CBS News.