The White House Isn't Through With Stimulus Yet

The White House is still considering additional stimulus, such as an infrastructure/construction fund and a "Cash for Caulkers" program to give consumers rebates for making their homes energy efficient, according to Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff. In an interview with Gerald Seib, the Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor, he said the administration wasn't giving up on job creation bills yet, even as Congress' willingness to spend has basically evaporated.

  • Top administration aides also met this week to discuss possible new measures to spur sluggish job growth. One idea: a new "infrastructure rebuilding bill" to generate more construction activity.
  • He doesn't expect the president's allies in the labor union movement to support Mr. Obama's recent decision to finish and push through Congress a free-trade agreement with South Korea.
  • The administration is considering plans to restructure housing finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, though a higher priority for now is implementing "smartly and effectively" the just-signed financial regulatory overhaul passed by Congress after a long and difficult debate.

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