Should Rich Liberals Donate More Money to the Treasury?

Eclipse_Theatrical_One-Sheet.jpgIn the course of disagreeing with my piece about rich Germans offering to pay down the country's debt, the writer from Tax Lawyer Blog serves up finest diss I have ever received:
Mr. Thompson, who looks barely old enough to play a blood-sucker in a Twilight sequel, was apparently taught well by his left-wing professors...

No response. That is simply awesome. Give this man a free subscription. Now onto the tax policy.

Charity can pay for lots of things. A charity, for instance. It won't pay for a $3.7 trillion government. TLB wants rich liberals to open their hearts and wallets and donate to Treasury because (a) it will lower the deficit (b) it will make them credible. Will it lower the deficit? It certainly won't make it higher. Will it make them credible? It certainly won't make them less credible.

But standardizing the idea of government-by-charity would be bad for democracy, and bad for law. Democracy works when the people vote for a majority that makes decisions for the entire population. It could not work if one party expected the other party's rich people alone to bear the burden of paying for the entire population's services. If Republicans want Medicare -- they certainly seem to! -- they should think of ways to pay for it that don't include, ask Warren Buffett verrrrrry nicely.

Relying on the kindness of rich strangers could only make the government more irresponsible and divorced from reality. It would widen the disconnect between what Americans expect to pay and what services we expect to receive by creating an expectation that rich people not only could, but should just pay the difference.

The country already suffers from a pathological aversion to paying for what we get. We should be thinking about ways to cure that pathology, not reinforce it.