Japan: Men Who Buy Government Bonds Are Super-Sexy

japan ad.png

Japanese women are super-attracted to men who buy government bonds.

That's the message of a new ad campaign by the Japanese government to rejuvenate public interest in financing the country's overwhelming debt. No, this is not a joke.

"I want my future husband to be diligent about money," a 27-year-old woman says in an ad being run in free magazines promoting a fixed-rate, three-year note that Japan started selling last week. "Playboys are no good." She's one of five women featured in the page, which says "Men who hold JGBs [Japanese Government Bonds] are popular with women!!"

Another ad says retail government bonds, "which provide the peace of mind that women want, are now available in three-year maturities with a fixed rate." Well ok, then.

What do you even say to this? Part of me wants to mock the idea (are there bond markets in Second Life? if single women buy debt, will the government subsidize the purchase of a free Boyfriend Arm Pillow? would a "women dig maturity!" line translate?) but the fundamental point is that Japan is totally broke and I guess there's no reason the government shouldn't want single men to brandish fresh bond notes at Osaka singles bars. For a country suffering from stagnant population growth, you could certainly do worse.