11 Jobs Most Likely to Be Outsourced

While working my way through a piece about the vanishing middle class, I happened upon a relatively recent survey of the most outsourceable jobs in America. (In other words, happy Saturday!) Here are the 33 American jobs most likely to be sent overseas (click the image to expand):

outsourced jobs.png

The top eleven most susceptible jobs range from small sectors like telephone operators telemarketers to larger sectors like customer service. To draw out some big points:

1. The largest offshorable sectors are customer service, bookkeeping clerks, and computer support. Makes sense.

3. The authors of this BLS report (read it here) find that most of the jobs fit into three categories: administrative support occupations, business and financial operations occupations, and computer and mathematical occupations.

4. What do most of these jobs all have in common? Essentially, the authors theorize that people with low education requirements whose work can be sent electronically with little loss in quality are at risk.